17 June 2010


Where do gnats even come from? They seem to pop up out of the blue, then multiply by the dozens. Wikipedia didn't even have anything to say about where they come from! Wikipedia has something to say about everything. A few other websites said that they like to hang out with overripe fruit and over watered plants.
But that does not tell me where they come from. Where do they live? Do they live in a condo north of town? In a gnat nest by the creek a few yards away from my apartment? Are they IN my fruit before it goes bad?!


  1. Sigh . . . .
    Had you been paying attention in high school biology, instead of napping, you might have learned that there are gnats (e.g. Mycetophilidae), and then there are fruit flies (e.g. Drosophilidae). Both of these tiny Dipteran flies inhabit warm, moist places where they can feed on fungus and/or decomposing food material as are commonly associated with human dwellings (e.g. potted plants and trash containers.) They will continue to inhabit those places and beget more little flies until the containers are removed or a proper insecticide is applied. Hint, hint!


    (The truth is out there.)

  2. oh geez, i hope they're not already in the fruit.