28 June 2010

The HAA Tour: Part One

They dot the country roads.
I know they are out there.
They know I need to look at everything in them.
I have no powers against them.
Zero power. Zero!

The journey home is a long one (5 hours!), but always worth it. First of all, my family is where my home is, and there are antique stores allll along the route I take home. I love antique stores like I love a good magazine. Every picture has to be viewed, every word read. An antique gets the same treatment. All of the crackly pictures have to be looked at, all of the furniture has to be perched upon, and there are nice shop owners to be spoken to. See, it's all very important business.
I also wander around wondering where everything came from and what it has been through. The other day I found a Girl Scout uniform, and when my mind came back to Earth, I found myself wondering what patches this Girl Scout had earned. Also wondered if we'd earned any of the same ones...
On my journey home the other day, with great difficulty, I passed my favoritest favorite antique store in Malakoff, Texas. It is in the middle of nowhere. Really. I was almost home, but I was also going through a horrible case of AWS (antique withdrawl syndrome). So, weak and fragile, I stopped at an antique store that has never before been ventured into. It caught my eye with those stained glass blue tulip window panes. Dang window panes. They'll get you every time. Upon meeting them, I immediately fell into a deep love with them. I also immediately fell out of this deep love when they told me their price. Let me just tell you, the rest of the store did not disappoint. It was just my taste, and I like when people like the same things as me. Who doesn't? All the way in the back of the store, the nice lady had a section of Moda things- trivets, cup towels, oven mitts! Oh my!
Some things really are worth a long wait. Like this self-induced antique wait.

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