15 June 2010

Much Ado About Persistence

"Resistance is futile." -The Borg

Is it really, The Borg? I don't think so. This has been a rather recent revelation for me. Normally if I don't like or succeed at something I will find a way to fix it or get out of the situation all together. Failure cuts me deep. Sometimes there are times that you just can't change, and it doesn't matter what you try to do.
That is when I get in a flurry. All of my emotions well up inside of me, almost to the brink of tears. This doesn't happen very much, mainly because I can usually get out of uncomfortable situations. But lately, I have run into this situations quite regularly. In the words of one of my favorite 5-year-olds, "They keep do-sing and do-sing it to me!" And with some new found confidence I have been taking the situations head on. It all started with a conversation with my dear friend Amber about running.
"I want to be a runner," I told myself one day. So, I set out on a little jaunt. Only, my jaunt was on a treadmill because it was pretty cold outside, and I just cannot be bothered with cold and running. Duh. This run was going to be awesome. I was all "I'm in pretty good shape. I can totally last a few miles. Yeah! Kiss it, running!" I was going to be just like Forrest Gump. I was just going to start running, my leg braces would break off, and I would just run and run and run. Julie Gump. The outfit was great, the shoes were on, the ipod loaded. Half of a mile in I'm thinking, "Oh dear, I think I might die." Really. I thought all of my limbs were going to just fall off, and I would die of a hemorrhage. It would be a bloody spectacle for sure, so I should probably stop running to save everyone from that sight. Dramatic, I know, but when you feel like exploding everything becomes extreme- like Lady Gaga. I don't even have leg braces!
After that, I got mad at myself for not being able to run continuously for very long. One night at dinner, I was telling Amber about my running experiences and how frustrated I always got with myself not being able to go as far as I want. She is pretty blunt and said something along the lines of, "Why? Most people have to build up their running." See, I knew this, but did I listen to myself? No. I just wanted to run and do fun things like marathons with Jamie! (Jamie runs a lot.) With Amber's comment in my head I started taking my time to build up my running. Just a little persistence and my mileage is getting longer and longer.
This week my sister is taking a short teaching course, so that she may go out and teach the young, malleable minds of children. While she is doing that, I get to be her: a nanny for a 12-year-old boy, Ben, and a 10-year-old girl, Gaby. Today, Ben invited a friend to come to his Dad's house and hang out. The plan was for me to drive with Ben out to friend's house, pick friend up, then friend's Mom would pick him up. Before we picked friend up, Gaby had to be dropped off at her acting camp. We got Gaby dropped off (on time), then set out for friend's house.
Ben has an iPhone (Why? I don't know.), so we used Google Maps (GM) for directions. First, GM didn't know where we were located. Then, it said that friend lived in San Marcos. Friend definitely lives in Lakeway, which is about 30 minutes from Austin. I was getting flustered because normally I would trust GM with my life. It tells me where I need to go, and is right every time I use it.
Why is it betraying me in my moment of need?!
After a two minute internal freak out, I calmed myself down. Mapquest! Ben, use Mapquest! Mapquest didn't know where we were either (acting camp parking lot), so I had to ignore half of their directions. Did we pick friend up? Yes!!
Somethings just take persistence. And the patience to have persistence. I wonder what else I can deal with, with this new found skill?

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