22 June 2010

How To: Pillow Shams

It's a crying sham these euro covers are so easy. But, first thing first, you'll need a few things. Mainly a 27.5" square of fabric; that is if you are making the covers for a 26" euro pillow. If you want to go the faux Ralph Lauren way, and you will, you'll also need a 5 yd. length of grosgrain ribbon. I used spray adhesive on my ribbon, but strips of stitch witchery would be great, too. And finally you'll need a nice yard stick, like the faithful one pictured above, and a disappearing ink marker.

1. Iron your 27.5" squares of material out nice and smooth. Then, go along the edges and mark where you want your ribbon to be sewn on. I marked mine at 3.75" in. That allows the ribbon to be 3" in on the final product.

2. Connect the dots!

To make a square!

3. Spray some adhesive on the back side of your ribbon. If you are using grosgrain ribbon, you have no 'right' or 'wrong' side. Go you! Stick the ribbon on the inside of the square you just drew. You will be very thankful for the adhesive's undying love and support while you are sewing. At least I always am.

4. When you come to a corner, this is what you do. Spray it right up to where the corner is.

Fold it up until the fold is on the corner.

Fold the already folded part diagonally to make a right angle.

Pin that sucker down and go about your regular business.

5. When everything is stuck down in all of the right places, sew it all down. Stay right on the edge.

6. When both edges of the ribbon are sewn down, you may iron it. I always iron the begeezus out of it, because I hand sew the pillow inserts into the cases. After ironing, or not, sew the right sides of your pillow pieces together. I used a .75" seam around the whole case.

7. Trim your corners! If you don't they won't be pretty. Just like trimming your hair.

8. Flip the case inside out and pop your pillow in there. I don't like doing zippers, so I slip stitched one side of the pillow case.

9. Voila!

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