04 June 2010


There is something spiritual about wood. It always seems to have a story to tell. Wood floors are the best.
Real wood floors have many stories to tell, since most of them are really old. It's neat to see them worn down to the point that they're shiny in old plantation houses. Just imagine the things they have seen! The wood floors in my Mom and Dad's house are about 60 years old. They alone have seen probably four generations of my family grow up, six decades go by and countless family get-togethers. Those floors got to meet some of my family members I didn't even get to meet. Even with the normal wear and tear of living, they are beautiful and show no signs of giving up. Whenever I'm home, they put up with my constant sewing. Wood floors make the best cutting boards!
Working with wood is like having a conversation with it. I was working on a dining table today, and had quite the convo with it. I thought it was solid oak, but as I started sanding the top down, it told me that it was partly made of an oak veneer and particle board. It seemed a little ashamed of the veneer, but I reassured the table that it was okay. Sanding it down removed all of its superficial blemishes, allowing the natural grain to really stand out. It was so pretty!
Table told me about all of its nooks and crannies, where her joints were and what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said that she would like to be a great big mamma dining table, with enough room for a whole host of people. During the holiday season, she wants to serve large meals, have great conversations, and play many a card game. Such big dreams for a small table with no leaves.
By the time I started putting her new Minwax "Red Oak" wood stain on, she was a completely different table. The stain enhanced the light and dark areas of her grain, and made her look down right snazzy. Little dining table is growing up right before my very eyes. *tear*

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  1. Reading this post, I can not help but think about the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode: "DO you respect wood!?" hahah

    Have a great weekend!