26 July 2010

Bathroom Stall Hardware

You know how there is always hardware missing off of bathroom stall doors? Where does it all go? the handles, the little hooks, the sliding locks.
Do people really feel the need to steal these? Folks, public bathroom hardware is disgusting. It probably gets cleaned fewer times than the toilet lid, if it ever does get cleaned. Why would someone go and take something like this off of a public bathroom. I hope they're smart enough to use the bathroom before they take the hardware off. Otherwise, they would have to pull off the "teeter-between-holding-the-door-with-your-foot-and-peeing" routine. No one wants that, right?
Once they've taken it, what are they going to do with the hardware? Use it on their own bathrooms? Set up a public bathroom stall experience in their homes, complete with disgusting little locks? Ew. If you saved up enough, you could probably sell the hardware for scrap metal, but who would really want to do that?
Who. are. these. people.

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