22 July 2010

Can I Check All of Them?

Back in their heyday, Facebook quizzes were my pride and joy. Ok, probably not my pride and joy, but I did enjoy doing them. They were so great because all you had to do was choose what you liked best from a list of likeable items. So simple! They knew exactly what I wanted to know. Mainly, what the first letter of my husband's name would be, what color my personality is, and most importantly what Beatles song I am.
I wish there was a Facebook quiz called "What should I major in?" If it were accurate it would be of great help. I'm not sure what I should go into. I have potential. I could be a great many things. Should I major in something I like, or be practical and choose something useful?
Questions, questions. I'm just thankful I'm able to go to college and have the freedom to do whatever I please.

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