15 July 2010

The HAA Tour: Flashback to Alabama

Alabama is a funny place. Hunstville was a good ol' Southern city. One day after sports camp, Uncle Charlie took a group of workers to a baseball game. I tagged along because who doesn't love a great American past time?

Baseball games are fun and I try to go to them whenever the opportunity presents itself. This particular game was hilarious. I highly recommend going to a Huntsville Stars game if one is ever in Huntsville or if they come to a town near you. The Huntsville Stars are a AA Minor League Baseball team and they are not very good. Many moments in the game made me think to myself, "Really?" Hopefully this was an off-night, but the players made tons of careless mistakes.

The most exciting moment was when the other team's starting pitcher AND the coach of the other team were kicked out of the game. Both of them! It all started when the pitcher went up on the mound, threw a pitch and hit the batter. His first pitch hit the batter! Then, the ref jumped up a yelled, "You're out!" But he yelled this to the pitcher. When the other team's manager saw what was going on, he ran out onto the field and immediately began yelling at the ref. The pitcher, ref and manager yelled at each other for a solid 10 minutes. I was sitting next to my Uncle Charlie, and he said that something probably happened between the Stars and the other team the last time they played each other, so there was probably "beef" between them and the ref. Excitement!

After all of that went down, I became bored and my mind began to wander. Really my body began to wander. I started walking around where all of the food and junk and junk food vendors were located. I passed by the Domino's stand, then immediately went back. This time it was not for pizza. The lady working there was knitting! Yay knitting! Naturally, I stopped and talked to her for a while. When it the business starts getting slow she whips out her knitting. That night she was working on a hot pink pig purse. Say that five times fast! She'd already made one of those and a black and white cow purse. They were fun and she was really nice/cheerful.

When I wandered back to my seat, there was a group of children in front of me. They were funny to watch. All of them had really thick Alabama accents. One of the little girls turned to a little boy and asked who he was rooting for. The little boy said that he was rooting for the other team. The little girls then said, "If you aren't rooting for both teams you're a jerk." Hahaha.

The evening was topped off when Uncle Charlie and a friend from Mom and Dad's church competed in an ice cream eating contest. Yes!

Oh man, the evening was also topped off when I saw a lady with lilac-colored hair. Like that Osbourne kid!

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