12 July 2010

The HAA Tour: The Long Journey Home

After much fun and laughter, my Arizona trip came to an end.
Let me just tell you, fair blog readers, I am not good at goodbyes. At all. For some reason my emotions think I'm never going to see these people ever again, but my head knows that I will see them in about a month. While brain is trying to say its goodbyes, emotions are going completely bizerk. They really go over the top. It's like I can't even control them! My "It was so nice to let me stay in your home" comes out as a short "Thank you", with a hint of tears.
Once I was done being unintentionally dramatic, I set out on my journey. Really Boyfriend set me out on my journey. He drove me to the airport shuttle stop and we waited. And waited. The shuttle was late! This was to be a foresight into the rest of the day. The shuttle did finally come, and the driver was really nice. He was dressed like a pilot, which first made me chuckle a bit, but also made me wonder if he was a retired pilot. Oh, and his pilot outfit also made me wonder if the shuttle was a Magic School Bus type thing. (It wasn't, much to my disappointment.)
Somehow, Mr. Shuttle Man got me to the airport right in the nick of time. Whenever I try to hurry myself somewhere time rapidly speeds up, but the people, oh the people, they slooooow down. The ticket man's computer was on the fritz, but thankfully he worked real hard and got my ticket for me. I found my gate without a hitch and got in the security check line.
My belt always sets the alarm off, so I went ahead and took it off, along with my shoes, purse and such. I made it through the metal detector thing, but lo, my backpack did not. Remember how I am an idiot? Well, this time I did it up real good. I left my multi-tool in my purse, in my backpack. Yes! My multi-tool with a 3-inch blade! Oh boy did I get the full treatment. The TSA pulled me over to their inspection area. This is how that went:
"Ma'am is there anything in your purse that can hurt me?"
"No sir" Just the hand sanitizer if you get it in your eyes.
He then inserts a chemical detector pad/wand thing into my purse and begins rooting around.
"Ma'am what is this? This has a mighty large blade."
And that is when my multi-tool met the trash can and I almost cried. Even if they weren't very nice and almost made me cry, I'm really glad they caught that. If they are making harmless girls like myself throw their multi-tools away, I hope they're catching worse things. Good job, TSA. I wonder if I'm on a government watch list now...
I caught all of my flights and made it back to East Texas alive. Thank goodness. But wait! As I was getting off of my last flight, this nice girl let me exit the plane before her. In a typical fashion, I fumble and bash my leg on my own armrest. I tried to walk it off, but still ended up with the bruise pictured above. It is about 4" long and looks like the Milky Way.

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