07 July 2010

The HAA Tour: Part Three

Next on the HAA Tour was a trip to Alabamer. For the past three summers my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Charlie have done a Sports Camp in Alabama. It's a pretty sweet deal. My Aunt's brother is a church planter in northern Alabama, and his church hosts the camp. Church members of the church my family goes to in East Texas staff the camp. This was my first year to go with them, and I had so much fun! I thought Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Charlie were going to have me help teach a sport or something, but I should have known that they know me better than that. Instead of teaching a sport that I am more than likely horrible at, they let me take pictures the entire time! Yessss.

We left on a Saturday at the crack of dawn. It was the real 7 am crack of dawn, not my idea of the crack of dawn, which is 10 am. The drive from Texas to Alabama is 9 hours, but when you have a caravan of 52 people, it takes a little longer. When I woke up to eat lunch, I was pleasantly surprised where we had stopped. Brandon, Mississippi! This is where I lived for the first five years of my life. I think it had been about 13 years since I was last there. That made me feel old. Now, I can say things like, "Oh, I haven't seen so-and-so in 15 years." 15 years is a long time!

When we finally made it to the church the camp staff was staying at, I was surprised yet again, but this time it wasn't so pleasant. The church was really nice, but the girls kind of got the shaft sleeping arrangement wise. Eight of us girls slept in a room that was separated by one of those accordion-collapsable-wall things. It was attached to the kitchen, so every morning we were awoken by the kitchen staff making breakfast at, wait for it, 4:30 am. 4:30! I was even more surprised to discover the shower arrangement. The church didn't have showers in their building, so they got us some showers... from the disaster relief people of Alabama. The set up was a 15' trailer with two rooms, which both had two tiny showers in them. I guess this was better than a tarp/hose situation.

Whether the housing situation was less than appealing or wonderful, the camp was really cool. It was so neat to see my family doing such a great thing. In addition to my Aunt and Uncle, two of their sons came to help with the camp. My youngest cousin will be a junior in high school and has really grown up while I've been away at school. Seeing him minister to the kids was cool to see. His older brother also came, and it was good to spend time with him. He just graduated from college! They cracked me up, because both of them would check in with me to see how I was doing throughout the day. See, when I signed up to go on this trip, I thought I would know people. I figured, hey I know almost everyone at Mom and Dad's church, I'll know plenty of people. Nope. I went to drop my luggage off at the church the night before we left and I knew no one besides my family members. Oh noes! It was okay, because I'm kind of a loner anyways.

The camp was really neat and I glad I was able to go and help them out. Sports are nice to connect with Faith, and they help make teaching Faith easier.

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