06 July 2010

The HAA Tour: Part Two

Stop number one of the 2010 HAA Tour was East Texas. Home!

Any East Texan knows that when visiting East Texas, one must visit a variety of places to get the full experience. See, one must get a well- rounded experience to truly appreciate living somewhere else. Most of the places to be visited are chain retail stores. There isn't much else to really visit, besides family members of course.

The Longview Hobby Lobby is the hub of all crafters in the greater Longview area. Quilters, seamstresses, scrapbookers, etc. In Austin, they are all spread out among multiple Hobby Lobby stores, actual scrapbooking stores, and Joann Craft stores. However, in Longview all of these ladies gather together in large groups in Hobby Lobby. Mom and I ventured in, and I was surprised to hear people talking. Their thick East Texas accents drew out the a long ‘a’ sound in fabric, “Faabric.” There was much chatter about the ceramic fall decorations that were on sale- of course. The chatter was really fun to me, because these ladies were excited about their crafts. It’s fun to be excited about crafts! You know it’s true.

Then there is Sharman’s Sewing Machine Center. There’s this person with the last name of Sharman, apparently, and he/she has a sewing machine store. Mom takes her old Bernina there for service, so when I’m home I take my machine by there when needed. Well, I toted my little Bernina over there the other day for an oiling. Everything went fine until this one worker decided to tear my machine apart… with words! Words are powerful things. I was talking about Berninas, then all of a sudden the salesman was telling me how much of a piece of junk my machine was. The horror! I feel bad that I didn’t take up for my machine. All I could do was sit there and take it. I felt bad until I realized, “Hey, this guy probably complains about everything.” I got even more over it after I had a spot of coke.

Now, even though there isn't much to do in East Texas, it is a fun place. Not all of the people are boring or critical of your sewing machine. People really enjoy their jobs here. I think they're genuinely thankful to have them. A lot of the work force around here works for a large chemical company, called Eastman Chemical Company. Others work for various welding and oil companies. My favorite profession here is ranching. Most of East Texas is nice and lush, so it makes great farm land. People raise a great variety of cattle- longhorn, brahman, limousin, angus, etc. I could talk about cows all day. They are just like giant dogs.

After one is done talking about cows, one must go eat some Tex-Mex food. A fine dining establishment such as Papcita's is a wonderful place to do this. All of the plates that they serve look exactly alike, but it is so good! After eating way too many tortillas with honey, one should probably stop by "Dressin' Gaudy" next door. This store is a great place to see the well-to-do older ladies of Longview buy horribly gaudy belts and t-shirts. We're talking puff paint/ rhinestone/ tie-dye shirts, broomstick skirts that are covered with the sweepings from a craft store, and also huge hair. It. is. breathtaking.

At the end of the day you should probably sit on your Mom and Dad's front porch and watch the cars go by, while eating pie. Just saying.

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