14 July 2010

Hair Files

So what did you do today?

Well blog, today I ventured out and had someone cut my hairs.


A nice Persian lady named Claudia.


Why did she cut my hair? Because that is what she does?

No, why did you get your hair cut?

Because my hamster needed a bath. Blog, I got my hair cut because it was out of control. Out. of. control.

Is that why you dedicated an entire day to it?

Hey! I did other things today! And besides I have a lot of hair, so it wouldn't surprise me if it did take all day. Do you have hair to deal with blog?

No I don't have any hair, I'm a blog. So are you pleased with Claudia's work?

Well blog, I think I like it. See, I have this connection with my hair. I want it to grow and grow and be really long. But! I don't like getting it cut/trimmed. Seeing the trimmings after a good cut always pulls at my heart strings. All of that growing work just cut right off!

You know the ends should be trimmed every so often for healthy growth, right? Also, hair is... hair. It will grow back.

I know, I know. This is completely silly.

You're right, it is silly, but your hair looks great.

Oh blog, that was creepy.

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