27 July 2010

I heart the heeb

Dearest HEB,
I think you are my favorite grocery store ever. Yep, you are. How can one grocery store be so great? I don't know how you became the store you are today, but I'm proud that you are Texas born and bred.
Once upon a time, when I was a little Julie fresh out of high school, you took me under your giant grocery store wing. The first of your kind that I visited reminded me of a delightful vacation my Mom took me on. That HEB is always referred to as the "European HEB." It is a wonderful place. It's full of cereal, fresh fruits, and fantastic mahi mahi fillets for a reasonable price. Your workers are always polite to me, and if ever I needed help, they would rush to my side and find the yogurt covered raisins that are pushed all the way to the back of the shelf. They are just that nice.
One time, more specifically on sister friend's last birthday, I was awaiting in the check-out line. I'd successfully found enough flowers for a nice arrangement and a Snicker's bar for $8. The people in front of me had enough groceries to feed an army. Once all of their groceries were rung up, they discovered that they did not have enough cash to cover everything. Quick like foxes, they rushed to the ATM to retrieve more cash funds. They seemed to have had some troubles, but eventually made it back to their foodstuffs. They apologized and apologized to the cashier and me, but neither of us were in a big hurry. And then, it was finally my turn. The cashier rang up my items, then he said, "Thank you for being so patient. Would you like a free candy bar? Your pick." Would I like a candy bar? Oh cashier! That was completely nice of you. I will never forget that check out experience. I did not accept the candy bar, because I don't think people shouldn't be rewarded for things they should do anyway. I also didn't want him to get into trouble.
I have many more lovely memories at the European HEB, but sadly they have come to an end. I now live on the other side of town and have to select a new HEB home. My first HEB visit in this area involved me seeing a child almost get hit by a car. A family I know had a child killed by a car, and I think of that every single time I see kids in parking lots. I'm not sure I can go to that HEB. The other HEB I visited was nice, but not for me.
I shall continue to try other HEB locations, for there are many around here and you are the best.

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  1. So is the Heb we used to go to really "my heb" now? If you need to, we can always make a visit when you come to see me.