28 July 2010

Nice IRS people?

What do you think IRS workers are like?Super up tight and anal, like Harold Crick from the movie Stranger Than Fiction? Or just normal type people?
I like to think that they are normal type people. People who take their dogs to the puppy park and always wipe down their gym equipment off after using it. This is mainly because I got a nice letter from the IRS the other day. It really surprised me. Upon first glance at the letter, I panicked. "Oh snap! What did I not report in my taxes?!" Cautiously, I opened the envelope. I even put forth the effort to not tear the envelope, for fear that the government might track me down and tell me to only open envelopes with the swipe of a knife and respect. With my heart in its pre-racing state, I began to read the letter.
"Thank you for providing the documents to support the entries on your tax return."
Oh. That's it? Well, you are welcome IRS. Since when does the government write thank you confirmation letters? I don't know, but I for sure like it. They might want to rethink how they sign these thank you letters... "Sincerely yours" sounds a little too friendly.

1 comment:

  1. What a nice surprise! Most people get audited!
    Your fav mom (I hope!)