18 July 2010

Shut the front door!

Well folks, it appears that I have moved again. This time I will stay in this apartment for a while.
See, last summer my sister and I moved into a house with another girl, and promptly moved right back into our apartment. The girl turned out to be a tad bit crazy. I should have known something was up when we weren't friends on Facebook.
The summer before last I moved from home to the big city for school. That seems so very long ago, light years even, but it was only two years ago!
This summer I moved because I changed schools, and needed to be on the other side of town to avoid horrendous traffic. Big girl school, here I come.


  1. go get em at that big girl school!

  2. Julziee
    Just trying to see if my comment would come up! Dad and I hope kyou will stay put for a while too!