30 August 2010

An Evaluation of the Southwest

1. The Dry Heat
Description: A hot heat without humidity. Unheard of to all Southerners.
My Experience: It hit me smack in the face after exiting the Phoenix airport.
Opinion: Not bad at once you get used to it.

2. Elevation
Description: It's higher than Texas.
My Experience: Once upon a time, Boyfriend took me on a driving tour of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Los Alamos roads are very curvy, and I was not used to them OR the LA elevation. Boyfriend begins to notice that I have been getting more and more quiet. "Are you okay?" He asks. "I feel a little squirrely," I respond. Then, when we were parked in the Smith's Grocery Store parking lot, I opened my door and threw up. Then, I immediately felt fine and we change parking spots. I still feel bad about that, because I really liked that grocery store.
Opinion: Definitely something to adapt to. Or hurl chunks.

3. The Chipmunks
Description: Small mammals who like potato chips.
My Experience: Boyfriend's Mom first introduced me to the chipmunks. We were fishing and the chipmunks came right up to us. One of the became enraptured by our bag of chips. We caught him with his little furry head in the bag and that was that. The whole fishing troupe spent the afternoon fighting against the chipmunks for our chip bag's honor.
Opinion: Fun.

4. Blue Jays
Description: Beautiful Blue Birds.
My Experience: At one point while fishing, a horde of Blue Jays surrounded me. They were obviously in love with me, but I couldn't let them go on when my emotions did not mirror theirs. I told them I was in a relationship... with my September issue of Martha Stewart Living.
Opinion: Nice birds.

5. Bald Eagles
Description: Giant bird. And the Nation's mascot.
My Experience: I got to see two adults and two baby Bald Eagles. One of the adults swiped a fish out of a lake right in front of me. At first I was a little mad, because I had my fishing line right where he caught the fish, but then I thought, "Dang! That was a Bald Eagle!"
Opinion: Awesome.

6. Mountains
Description: Large geographic features I am not familiar with.
My experience: Slept on one. Climbed around some. Fished by some. Drove through a ton. Looked at more.
Opinion: Just gorgeous.

7. Southwestern Mexican Food
Description: Not Tex-Mex
My Experience: Ordered a meal and ate all of it.
Opinion: More?!

8. Random Dinosaur Statues
Description: Statues of dinosaurs.
My Experience: Encountered several at rest stops.
Opinion: I love dinosaurs!

9. Rainbows
Description: You know, rainbows...
My Experience: I saw tons. Even double ones.
Opinion Excellent.

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