25 August 2010

How To: Reupholster a Love Seat

1. Find an old love seat with a sturdy wooden frame. The uglier, the better.

2. Strip everything off. Take it off, Love Seat, take it off!

3. Start by covering the bottom most section.

4. Then, move to the armrests.

5. Next, cover the sides.

6. Now, very tightly, cover the back.

7. When everything is snug as a bug, cover the very back. Adding upholstery tacks along the back looks nice.

8. You don't have to this, but fabric stores carry a material to cover the bottom of furniture. It helps make the piece look finished and holds the fabric that was folded under the piece under there.

9. When covering the cushions, my sister taught me to trace around the cushion, including a seam allowance. So, measure and sew!

10. Now add accent pillows that don't match anything!

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