06 August 2010

Stitch me up, Scotty

And so it was that this was the summer of bodily harm. Moles came to be. Bruises came to bruise. And oh the tired muscles!
But, I think all of those things are signs of an excellent summer. Sure, the moles that had to be removed were a sign that I probably got too much sun, but I cannot be concerned with some such things. (Ok, I really was worried about them, but now that they're gone I cannot be bothered with worry.) There were two of them, and they were troublesome. Dermatologist said, " I don't like these. I don't like them one bit." First, she went at them with a laser, but lo, the moles fought back. Those moles just came right back! And then came the scraper. What a dreadful thing. Sure, they numb the tar out of one's back, but they do not have a mute button on the scraper. Dermatologist scraped those moles right of, stitched me up, and says that she got them this time. I hope they're gone. Stitches are itchy, y'all! For your information: Doctors knot stitches 3-5 times and they do not trim the thread. I'm alarmed that they do not trim the thread tails, having been raised by a Home Economics teacher.
But the bruises! They remind me of my summer adventures! What fun you can have whilst getting bruises. I just happened to get a wonderful bruise on my leg while exiting a plane this summer. Then, the same leg was bashed into a piece of furniture! The leg was furious with me for a few minutes, but when it figured out that it could still function it went back to its walking/ running duties. Some of my best memories include a good bruise. When I got the bruise from the airplane, I was coming back from a trip to Arizona. The Grand Canyon State! When I bashed my leg on a piece of furniture, I was doing one of my favorite things, refinishing furniture. Yes! My all-time favorite bruise was one of my many, many softball bruises. That pitcher hit me so hard the stitches of the softball showed up on my leg. Did we win the game? Sure did!
Tired muscles are a signal of a job well done to me. I'm so thankful to be able to have tired muscles. To be able to go out and run, swim, ride horses, whatever is so great.

The picture has nothing to do with this post, but aren't those panties funny? For some reason sisterfriend and her roommates decided to buy them at Wal-Mart one evening. Ever since they have been passed around from birthday girl to birthday girl.

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