20 September 2010


That store really does love me. I doubted its love during this past summer.
The month was June and it was hot. A brand new Anthropologie store had just opened up at the Domain Shopping Center in North Austin.

Being the best Anthropologie fan girl that I am, I decided to stop in and give the store some love with my mental "ooohs" and "ahhhs." I walked in and it was lovely, but one thing was missing. The friendly greeter lady who is always right by the door folding the same shirts over and over. I looked for a greeter type lady and there she was greeting the people in front of me. My turn to be greeted came... and then went. The worker totally saw me and made eye contact with me, but didn't say anything. Jerkette! As I walked around, I noticed none of the other workers were particularly polite either! What kind of black hole Anthropologie is this?! Normally, they are super nice and helpful. Distraught and frightened, I left that store feeling like an unvalued customer. Really, I'm not a 'valued' customer, because I only buy things on super sale every once in a while, but still.
So, the other day after church I didn't have any pressing appointments so I thought, "I'm going to visit the Anthropologie on 6th and Lamar, and see what art installation is up." This girl loves art installations. I marched myself right into that store and had a look at that art. And I was greeted by a very friendly worker, thank you very much. The Domain Anthropologie location can kiss it, because the 6th and Lamar location is where it's at.
After giving the store the once over, I heard a faint voice calling my name. It was the sale section! The dear, dear sale section! I looked through the racks- all of them. And there it was:

the best bolero jacket ever. Ever! I had to try it on, even if it was way out of my price range. Oh boy was it cute. Alas, the price tag had a firm $98.50 marked on it. Prepared for certain heartbreak, I took it to the counter and asked if it was on sale, since it was in the sale closet. The chipper worker said, "Yep. $19.95." and I said, "Ring me up!" And that was when I felt loved by Anthropologie again.
I also felt loved by the store when I saw this month's catalog It was beautiful as usual, but the themes were so great! The first section went along the equestrian theme. Wow, did they do a great job. The shoe area was a rainy day type deal, and that was cool. BUT THEN, the last section of the catalog was done in a sewing theme. Giant scissors, spools of thread, dress forms, tape measures. Man oh man!
Can they just hire me right out of college? I want to work for them. We have the same brain. So any Anthropologie executives who will probably never ever read this- hire me because I say so.

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