01 September 2010

Arizona Border Dispute

This is quite the discussion. And I think I have opinions? Yes, on this I believe I do.
So, there are tons of Mexicans crossing the United States-Mexico Border undocumented. All of the border states have a problem with this. Arizona is the only one so far to take action against having all of the undocumented people in our country.
I really applaud them for doing this, but for them to ever be successful, they really need the support of the United States Government.
If immigration to the United States or work visas were done in a more timely manner, I think some of the Mexicans would immigrate. More obviously, if there was a completed fence, some of the people would be hindered in entering. Even if there was a fence, it would probably need to be patrolled. Some of the people crossing over can be a little "rough."
That is one of the things that confuses me about this topic. A lot of the Mexicans come to the US for a better life. Why, pray tell, do they then bring the violence of their own country with them? This doesn't improve their quality of life at all. A majority of them work very low-income jobs, are still surrounded by violence, and still live in low-income housing. They have just changed locations, not their lives.
I don't blame them for coming to the US; it's a wonderful place. The US-Mexico border is the only border in the world that has a first world country on top of a third world country. It is as different as night and day. In El Paso, Texas you can clearly see the border. One side is the US- grocery stores, Target, The University of Texas at El Paso, etc. The other side looks like one house stacked on another. This might be something you just have to see for yourself.
The Mexican people are great and I enjoy spending time with them, but I just wish they would come here on better terms. This should be an interesting topic to watch as it develops.

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  1. Exactly...I wonder why there is so much controversy over this--I have NO problem with immigration, just like I have NO problem with people taking vicodin. I do have a problem with people coming here illegally just like I have a problem with people selling vicodin on the street corner. If a white mom here tries to sell meth to "make a better life" for her kids, that's not ok...so why is immigrating illegally ok as long as you say it's "to make a better life for my kids"?!?!