16 September 2010

Facebook Dreams

Dear Facebook,
You are stupid. You are stupid and take up far too much of my time. The worst thing about you is your effect on my mind. Stop that.

"Oh that would make a good profile picture."
"Let me take this picture so I can tag so and so."
"That would be a great status."

Should my mind work like that? No! I find myself pushing myself to finish editing pictures, not so that I actually finish, but so that I finish then post them to Facebook. I sometimes just read my news feed on Facebook instead of reading about actual news. Why are that girl-that-I-went-to-high-school-with's love life status updates that are horribly misspelled and grammatically incorrect so, so interesting to me? Why do I feel the need to view that other person's vacation photos? I'm not even sure I have ever talked to them!
Facebook is a great mindless break for me when I need a break, so I'm not going to delete my account. However, I might have to get my sister to change my password and not tell me what it is... I have come to this decision because of my dreams lately. Facebook has infiltrated my subconscious. The other night I had a dream: the plot was a status update I remembered and the main character was this girl I played softball with forever ago. The dream even had jello shots in it, probably because I saw pictures of someone's jello shot adventures the other day.
Oy vey. It's a good thing real college had made me suddenly very busy. Now my Facebook time has to be extremely limited.

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