24 September 2010


Dear Nichole,
Today is your heavenly birthday and I bet you are having a wonderful time. Maybe someday we'll meet, but for now I've been getting to know you through stories from your family.
My favorite one so far is the one where you invited one of your friends to church. Your Mom says that you didn't even think twice about asking her. You knew you liked church and your friend, so why not bring them together? After you brought your friend to church, her whole family started coming! Look at you go! Did you know that your friend's older sister recently served as a missionary? Neat, huh? I admire your fearlessness. You always come to mind when I'm debating whether or not to tell some one about church happenings. Thank you for the example.

Monday, 27 September 2010 is Chili's "Create a Pepper" day. On this day 100% of their profits go to St. Jude's for childhood cancer research. For more info: www.createapepper.com


  1. This is so sweet Julie. Made my morning happy to see this. Never doubt that your life makes a difference. Every day is precious. :)

  2. You are such a sweetheart, Julie! It was Nichole's mission to tell others about her love for Jesus. What a blessing to see that spread to others. It puts me to shame sometimes. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. ~Laurel

  3. Thank you for such sweet and true words. She was simply amazing.

  4. Dear Julie,
    I loved this post. I want Nichole's family to know that I am praying especially for them this weekend. It is so wonderful for a child to belong to such a godly family. How awesome God is to allow Nichole's testimony to continue to bless others and grow His kingdom!