23 September 2010

Promised Land

On HEB watch.

Folks, I have been to the promised land, and folks, the promised land looks like the HEB on South Congress and Oltorf. Yes! I have selected my HEB home. This one is busy all the time, so I feel pretty safe doing my grocery shopping and day dreaming there. It isn't quite up to the European HEB standards, but I will give it time. Most of those standards are determined by my emotional attachment to the European HEB, anyway.
  1. This HEB is nice-looking.
  2. Its food is wonderful.
  3. It has a bulk section. Mom your cashews are coming.
  4. It's clean.
  5. The workers are polite and helpful.
This is a good one!

1 comment:

  1. Howard E. Butts did indeed start a fine company. I'm especially fond of their Central Market stores!