14 October 2010

ACL 2010: Muse

Muse played on Saturday night of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. That was the best show I've ever seen. Ever.

Loved the band already, but seeing them live makes the music even better. I had a blast singing all of the songs (off key more than likely...) and will be listening to the set list for a while.

That Matthew Bellamy is a character- at this concert he had a glittery metallic suit on. He also had a keytar and a piano that had a plexiglass top with lights in it.

The set list was pretty comprehensive of the band's career and sampled from every album. They made me really nervous when they went off stage without playing my favorite song, Knights of Cydonia 

Luckily, they came back on for an encore and played it! So awesome! The video below is of my favorite part of the song. It also shows how energetic the show was.

ACL 2010
Muse Set List:
Supermassive Black Hole
New Born
Map of the Problematique
MK Ultra
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good
Undisclosed Desires
Time is Running Out
Stockholm Syndrome
Plug In Baby
Knights of Cydonia

Bucket List Dream: FULFILLED

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  1. Please don't tell me you didn't take any photos of the Eagles. C'mon get with the program . . . . . Hotel California? . . . . . Desperado? . . . . They were awesome, weren't they?!