15 October 2010

Art School

An abstract beehive I cooked up.
So far, being in art school has been completely different than what I imagined it would be like. This is not a bad different, no, I have been pushed in my art in ways I wasn't expecting to be pushed. I think that is a very good different, because it has made me realize that maybe my artistic reach is farther than just photography.

The art department building feels so good! My high school art classroom was always my favorite. Now, my college classrooms give me much of the same feeling. Except for the classroom my history classes are in- that one makes me cold. Don't you love when you find a good place? That building is full of creative minds and good ideas. It feels comforting knowing that I'm around people who think and communicate the same way I do.

One thing that has caught me off guard repeatedly, is the professors' ability to really pull the creativity right out of me. I'm not sure how they do it, but I'm really benefitting from being under their guidance. Is it the constant questioning? The suggestions?
A Figure-ground Reversal project from 2D Design.

My 3D Design teacher always asks us to put emotion into our pieces. He wants us to fully think through the piece and to have reasons why we did things the way we did. This has really challenged me. I often ignore my emotions- why would I want to put them into a piece of work and have to explain it to my entire class? But, I have found that when I sit down, look at a project assignment and tap into my feelings, my pieces are ten times better. They have more substance, y'all!

The 3D Design professor also requires us to keep a sketchbook. I was intimidated by mine for a long while. Drawing is not my strong suit and I usually just work things out in my head, then carry them out. After showing us a slideshow of a few former students' sketchbooks, the professor told us to basically "dump ideas" into our sketchbooks. That clicked in my mind. Now I usually have it on me or in Ranger Danger at all times. It is such a good outlet for my mind, and it helps me feel less bogged down. I look forward to my sketchbook time now. It's funny to flip through it and visually see how my mind wanders.

Art school = approved!

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  1. that beehive is totally awesome! I'm glad you're having a great experience in art school:)