01 October 2010

Bing Bang Boom

My family tends to experience "bad luck" in waves. The waves can be short and intense, or long and overwhelming. I am currently experiencing one of the long and overwhelming waves of bad luck. It all started with school registration...

Item: Texas State University Registration
Problem: I was allowed to register for classes in late July, when registration had started in April.
Outcome: Managed to get four classes, but not the ones I really needed.

Item: School Parking Permit
Problem: Lost in the mail.
Outcome: Ended up parking in the pay-by-the-day garage and argued with Parking Services to get a replacement free of charge.

Item: Sink Faucet
RD's old ball bearings.
Problem: You get a shower instead of the dishes when you turn it on.
Outcome: 1 month, 2 service requests and an apartment manager visit later, it is fixed.

Item: Ranger Danger
Problem: Sounded like he was dying.
Outcome: Ball bearings were completely gone and were replaced.

The devil and myself.

: Interwebz
Problem: Connection goes in and out.
Outcome: After talking to 8 different AT&T service representatives, my internet still doesn't work and the technicians messed up my wireless router. I'm getting a different interwebz provider.

Item: Tape measure from Mrs. Regina
Problem: I wore it out and it doesn't wind up anymore.
Outcome: Still using it until I find another one.

Item: My long-time hairbrush
Problem: It randomly broke in half.
Outcome: Sad.

Just one thing after another! I'm really thankful that these are material items and they are replaceable. 

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  1. Don't be so "half empty." I'm sure you have plenty to be thankful for.