21 October 2010

Confession #21

The other night, I found myself completely enraptured by a documentary on PBS. So what if this is a common occurrence? The documentary was about this Japanese zookeeper who was assigned to raise a polar bear named Peace!

"Here raise this."

I was expecting him to raise it in the zoo, because where else might one raise a polar bear? But no, he raised it in his apartment. With his family. Until she was the size of a Golden Retriever. Is it just me, or is that completely bizarre?

What kind of zoo lets a polar bear out of its gates knowingly?
What kind of apartments allow polar bear cubs?
Did they have to pay a pet deposit?
A large, wild animal fee?
How much does/did this man's wife love him?
Do they live in an alternate universe?

So many questions. I know one thing. Baby polar bears are cute, but I WOULD NOT allow one to live in my apartment.


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