12 October 2010


I live a pretty monotonous life. Not boring monotonous, a just right monotonous. But today, my usual after school process was interrupted. Ranger Danger was taking me back to Austin, and as we exited the school's commuter parking lot, I noticed traffic was backed up. That's really unusual for San Marcos at noon- it isn't a very busy place. When I got to the source of the traffic it was a car wreck. I immediately noticed that no one was stopping to help out. Come on fellow students!

So, I pulled over and two guys did, too. By the time we got to the car, the girl driving was out and bleeding heavily from her face. She said a car stopped suddenly in front of her, she tried to stop, her air bag deployed and the other car drove off. Poor girl! The guys called the emergency services and I tended to the girl. She was really freaking out, but I managed to get her to sit down and hold some tissues on her nose. I think her nose was broken? It was really hard to get her to calm down because her car horn was going off the whole time. And her car was wrecked. And she didn't have health insurance. When the fire peoples got there, it took them a while to turn the horn off because the entire front end of her car was so crumpled they couldn't get to the battery. After the EMS packed her up and took her to the hospital, the police questioned me and sent me on my way.

I never know what I'm going to get into day-to-day. It was nice to help someone else out, because lately it's been a bunch of people helping me out. I also know if I were in that situation, I would want someone to try to calm me down. And to give me tissues.

Hope that girl was okay!

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  1. Julziee,
    I love the tree! Also, I am very proud that my girl stopped to help and that a couple of the college boys helped too! You are right, we never know what a day will hold!