29 October 2010

Oh Wow.

Me out on the town one night.
Austin is a pretty interesting place. There are a lot of different people, with a lot of different backgrounds. Sometimes quite often I become confused. The other 'cultures' around here can have some odd habits. I have seen a lot in my time spent downtown. But last week. Oh last week I was really confused. On the way to my new HEB, I saw a sign that said

"Brass Ovaries"

I wasn't even downtown!
The sign was really strange, because it was in front of a car wash. What are brass ovaries? Do you run them through the car wash? Having the inquisitive mind that I do, I couldn't stop thinking about the brass ovaries. What in the world?! I drove by the car wash a few more times in that week and the sign was still there. Finally, I did what any other college student would do and Googled the term "brass ovaries."Brace yourself.

It was a pole dancing group who teaches pole dancing.

Oh my goodness! Why would you name your exotic dance group Brass Ovaries? That's so strange, but sooo Austin.

And that is what I learned last week.
What have you learned lately?

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