27 October 2010

On Being a Southerner


Been there, done that.

I'm okay at being a Southerner. Being born and raised in the South, no wonder I say y'all sometimes. I know it isn't a word and I try to not say it, but y'all, sometimes it just comes out! I know the power of a good gumbo. I spent quite a few of my summers wandering around plantation houses. I know the power of the almighty hairspray. I say a blessing before every meal. I know the importance of a new dress every Easter. I know in the summer I'm going to have tomatoes with every meal.


I don't like tea. Or sweet tea. Or hot tea.
I try, but no.
Don't make me conform!

1 comment:

  1. We were never tea people growing up. I will drink sweet tea, but I am not one of those obsessed Southern people who will die without it. I am willing to bet the South uses more sugar than anywhere else in America haha.