08 October 2010

The Pastor of Many Lives

Dr. Kie Bowman
Meet Dr. Bowman. He is the Senior Pastor at Hyde Park Baptist Church. The first time I visited this church was with my dear sister and I did not understand why she brought me to this church. I'm going to be honest, I did not like Dr. Bowman. At first, he was just another Southern Baptist preacher. As I went to more services and got to know him as a preacher I understood him more. Now, I really enjoy his sermons. Even if he does some finger wagging and Bible thumping every now and then.

But really, this preacher is funny. Another but really, this preacher has lived like three different lives. He always includes stories from his own life, and they always seem to be in a variety of places.

One of the first lives of his I heard about was when he lived in Alaska. One time while he lived there, he and his wife were house-sitting for his parents. They went out to eat or something, and came back home to find themselves locked out of the house. Not having cell phones, Dr. Bowman and his wife had to drive back into town and find a pay phone. Both of them got out of the car to go to the pay phone. After calling a locksmith, they discovered that neither of them had the keys! Now locked out of both the house and the car, Dr. Bowman decided to call the police to see if they could help out. When an officer showed up, it turned out that the officer knew Dr. Bowman and his parents. I'm sure he never heard the end of that.

In another life, he lived on a horse farm in the midwest. He said his father once bought a horse that would jerk its head around when someone would ride it. His dad asked a horse trainer how to fix this. The horse trainer said to get a bag and put a bar of soap in it. Then, every time the horse jerked its head, whap it with the bag of soap. I found this story really funny. Dr. Bowman said several times after he told this story that he did not encourage animal cruelty.

I don't know very much about his current life, just that he is the senior pastor and his wife has been sick for a while now. Wouldn't that be hard to preach about the goodness of God when a significant other is ill? Sad day.

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