22 October 2010

'Splain Yosef

Question: How do art teachers grade their innocent art students' work?

If you have an answer to this question, please enlighten me, as I have yet to figure any rhyme or reason to their methods. 

Example: Interior/ Exterior color/space study
Effort: TONS
Thought: Coherent
Grade: An expected 85? (Professor did not like it in class)

 Example: White on white texture study
Effort: Moderate
Thought: Meh.
Grade: 97
Example: Sketchbook
Effort: A lot.
Thought: There are many thoughts dumped in there in drawing form.
Grade: 90

Example: Giant Bee Hive
Effort: TONS
Thought: Much
Grade: 92

So I shouldn't try my hardest? Well, that doesn't make sense.

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