04 October 2010

Walk Like An Egyptian

In my art history class we discuss all sorts of historical societies and their art. So far, I have enjoyed learning about all of the cultures, but the Egyptians (oh the Egyptians!), are by far my favorite. Most of the pieces presented in class I knew already, but the few new ones were really neat. Egyptian art is typically rigid, clean and humans usually show no emotion... except for a few pieces.

Look at the bottom hand right corner. This is a relief of cows and their shepherds fording a river. The guy to the very right has picked up a calf, for fear it might be swept away by the river. The mom cows are moo-ing at him to be careful. Is that not cute?

This is a relief of Akenaton, Nefertiti and three daughters. Very few depictions of Egyptian families are like this one. Both parents are seated. Akenaton, on the left, is kissing one of his daughters. The almost creepy daughter sitting on Nefertiti's shoulder is delicately touching her face, while the third daughter is showing Nefertiti, "Hey look, it's Dad!" What a sweet family portrait.

I love seeing how people back in the day lived the day-to-day.


  1. Julziee,
    Those photographs take me back to Paris and London! Where are these? Does your teacher know about all the Egyptian art we saw?

  2. That is sweet. Too bad daughter looks like a chest burster from Aliens