15 November 2010

Craft Show!

On Saturday, Sisterfriend and I embarked on a great adventure: our very first craft show together. This time we weren't perusing the aisles. We went armed with homemade goods. Yes! We also went armed with Rach and a one Mama Cook.

We loaded up the car at the crack of dawn. (No really.)

There was a banner and it was hung.

There was also a project to work on, but it was postponed.

Many a tiny person came by the table, but only this one talked her Dad into a dress.

 Our wares sat patiently hoping for a new home. Sadly, we discovered that we were totally at the wrong craft fair. Don't fear, we were at the right location, but this craft fair was not the right personality for us. This craft fair was the Pampered Chef- silver jewelry- tacky wreaths- Mary Kay- general junk type of craft fair. 

Several people stopped by to tell us how cute the dresses were, but they were the people who had three little boys at home. A few people complimented the sewing machine cozies on their cute design and sound construction, but these people didn't sew. Anyone who has keys can use a key fob, but only one of them sold. Sisterfriend, Rach and I each sold one item by the end of the day. So, our first craft show wasn't as splendid as we anticipated, but the craft show wasn't as crafty as we expected, either. I'm proud that we each sold one thing!

Better luck next time, ladies.


  1. Congrats on getting out there! Hope you have better luck in future endeavors!

  2. I love craft fairs!!! I live at them since it's the holiday season. You should come to Craft Riot this weekend if you need to do any shopping for gifts...

    Budafest is still accepting applications I believe for Dec 4-5. Funky Finds Spring Fling just opened applications the other day too. Can you tell I'm excited for you?!