01 November 2010

The Hair Files

Hair Beard, happens to the best of us.
love getting my hair done. It is the one girly girl thing I really really enjoy. (My feet are ticklish, so pedicures are dangerous.) (Also, I've never had a massage, so I have no opinion of them.) (No opinion- shocking!) Back to hair: Going to the salon is great because it is a useful form of pampering. Someone else is washing AND styling AND trimming in one sitting. Huzzah for multitasking pampering!! Trimming is only a bad thing when someone gives you a faux-mullet during a routine trim... Ask me about that sometime. Or not.

Know who else loves a trip to the salon? My Hair. It just eats up the whole experience. It becomes a completely different head of hair when it realizes where it is. It loves being the center of attention and knows the stylist loves it.

Stylist: You have such great curls!
Hair: *coils into the waviest waves of all*
Stylist: You should never color your hair, the natural color is great.
Hair: *flaunts its many shades and hues*
Stylist: The ends look pretty healthy.
Hair: *does a pirouette*

It prances around the salon is what it does. Such a diva! Thank goodness it can't talk. I imagine it would never shut up. Out of control and completely ridiculous!

1 comment:

  1. So, how does your hair feel when you straighten it/take its curls away? What about when it is put up all day and not allowed to freely flow all up in your face?