11 November 2010

Letter Week: Day Four

Boyfriend with a slab of cheese and bacon.
Dearest Boyfriendly,

Look at you with your slab of cheese and bacon. I can't believe you ate that! Even after you drained the grease out of it, it had more grease for you... Ew!

Anyway, I'm so proud of you! That stupid Master's Thesis is done. Okay, it isn't stupid, but sometimes it is a little silly. Sometimes it says that you have to spend your Saturday mornings working on it. Isn't that silly? Yes. Yes it is. You wrote an entire book practically! Golly gee! Know what this means? You are almost done with your Master's degree. One day I'll have a Bachelor's degree and try to give you a run for your money. I know you still have another degree to get, but stop and take a look at all of that work that you've done for this degree. It's okay to be a little proud of yourself. Good job!

Now, please play frisbee with me. I'll be sure to throw horribly, so that you have to run to catch it.

The Julie

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