08 November 2010

Letter Week: Day One

Dear Tiny Space Heater,

Three words for you: You are awesome. Tiny Space Heater, you are awesome for a number of reasons. Most of them relate to you warming me up. This is okay because 1. you are a heater and 2. I am usually cold.

I really appreciate you in the morning as you warm up the bathroom. There is something about bathrooms in the morning that makes the world seem like a terrible place. Ah yes, the ice cold floor would be to blame, I believe.

And Space Heater,  you are ever so cute when you sit under the sewing table puttering away and heating my feet, as I sew up a storm. Any seamstress knows that cold feet are not acceptable when working. Also, cheeto fingers. Your hard work is much appreciated, and I hope to work with you for a long time. A long time broken up in to small times, so that you don't over heat, that is.


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