09 November 2010

Letter Week: Day Two

Current wood project in progress.

Dear Wood Shop,

You are so fun! The other night when I came to visit you during open shop hours, I had a blast. You let me use your band saw, scroll saw, power drill- sweet! My project is going to be fantastic *crosses fingers* thanks to you.

When at first I read that you require visitors to wear earplugs, I wasn't to sure about that. Sometimes if someone sneaks up on me, I can get jumpy. With earplugs in I get paranoid that someone is going to attack/kill me, because I can't hear them coming. I don't know why my eyes wouldn't be able to see someone... Creepy! But the other night when I spent an hour and a half hours working on that scroll saw of yours, the earplugs were really nice. With all of the racket of the other students blocked out, it was just me and the scroll saw. Boy, do I love a good scroll saw. Next time I come visit, may I try the band saw?

Girl with wood shavings in her pants


  1. Can I have this after it's graded? Seriously, I love it.

  2. Norm would be proud.