04 November 2010

Photo Shoots in the Park

Once upon a time, Boyfriend took me to Krause Springs for a lovely afternoon of swimming and people watching. The swimming kind of freaked me out, because you can't see the bottom of said springs.

But the people- you could definitely see the people and they were ripe for the watching. My favorite couple of the afternoon was the "myspace photo photo shoot" couple. A "myspace photo" is one in which you hold the camera at arm's length and snap a photo of yourself. Be sure to get your arm in the photo. Giving the camera "duces" is a popular hand gesture. You may also get a friend or family member in the shot with you. Grandpa loves a good myspace picture. This style became popular when the digital camera came around and when Myspace was birthed.

Anyway, this couple was walking around Krause Springs taking pictures of each other, then taking pictures with each other. The poses were spectacular. Made more spectacular by the fact that they were both in unflattering swimsuits. It was awesome. They took pictures of/with each other for a good 45 minutes.

This past summer at a shopping center in Sedona, Arizona, Boyfriend and I saw another photo shoot of a couple. This couple had a photographer (I use this term loosely here) with them. They were doing the good ol' awkward prom pose type poses. These people were awesome because they would pose next to these really great bronze sculptures that were scattered about the common area of the shopping center.

Naturally when they left, I had this picture taken:

The only elk I saw in Arizona..

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