02 November 2010

Rangers Unite!

Ranger Danger (in the back) and another Ranger. Car in the middle was ignored.
There is quite a community of Ford Rangers at school. Awesome! This (above) Ranger is driven by a girl who gets back to the commuter parking lot about the time I do every day. I know a place is good when the Rangers are bountiful. I can feel it in me bones.

Do I always judge places by number of Rangers? Most places? Maybe. I could, but I don't. Targets are judged by how many Merona t-shirts and sweaters they have in stock. Wal-Marts are judged solely by the fact that they are Wal-Marts. Don't get me started. Chick-fil-As are judged by how syrup-y their Cokes are and location. Hobby Lobby stores are judged by their fabric sections, of course.

Rarely are places judged by the people that run them. I don't judge by people, because everyone has their bad days and some people are naturally rude. However, there are certain exceptions. The other day I was hanging around school waiting for one of my professor's office hours. I decided to take a drive about town to case the place. After accidentally driving by these cute apartments twice, I decided to stop in and take a look.

Seeking a mere pamphlet, I entered the office. After standing around for a few minutes (wondering if I could have one of their cookies or not) this girl comes flying into the atrium/office. She doesn't say anything, but has a name tag on, so I say, "Hi, I was hoping to get some information on these apartments or something." The girl says, "How many rooms?" I replied, "Just one." She pointed to this wall that had all of their floor plans  and said, "That's what the one-bedroom is." I turned around to ask her a question and she was gone! Gone! I peeked into the room that she went into, and there she was talking with her co-worker and filing something. A something that was not a pamphlet. So, I left.

This apartment complex had no Rangers in their parking lot. They are of no good to me.

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  1. the Ranger in the front of the picture seems to have driven up onto the curb....that, or it has much larger tires in the front.