22 December 2010

Austin Traffic

Starting out, Julie is calm and collected. 
She hits traffic.

Starts singing to stay calm.

Traffic continues to be traffic-y.

She starts to lose it. Hair gets bigger.

Not moving.

There's no way out.

Still not moving.

Wondering, "Why do I go annnnyyywhhhheeeerrrreeeee?!!"

Kind of moving.

"Are we moooviing?!"



Wishing you safe travels during this holiday season!

1 comment:

  1. I'm always glad to hear the traffic woes of people outside of L.A. I can't STAND driving...well, at all. I'm a native NYer after all :P

    haha that tree totally looks rectangular. It's just massive and cut off by rudolph's body, but yes, it does go to a point...eventuuuually.