08 December 2010

Come Again?

Living in Austin, I have come to expect the weird things that happen in everyday life here. Now, when off things happen in other cities, it throws me off a little bit. San Marcos has turned out to be a funny little town.

Last Wednesday was a weird day at school. To begin with, on Mondays and Wednesdays I have my early bird class, so I have to awaken myself at 6:20 in the am. When I can get enough sleep under my belt, this early morning time is manageable. On Wednesday, I went to school having slept for five hours and was not firing on all cylinders.

2D Design went by with few confusing concepts. Then, it was time for History of Photography. This class throws me off of my rocker even when I do have enough sleep. So, on this day I was really confused. This confusion wasn't me not understanding the material, it was me not understanding why someone would take a picture of what they were shooting, AND publish it.

One of the photographers we looked at had an entire portfolio of work he did in his hometown of Tulsa, OK. The portfolio documented his friends using meth. He was also a user at the time, and felt that he needed to document this time in his life. One of the photos that bothered me was of a pregnant lady shooting up. The picture seems to scream at you, very startling. The next one was worse. It was of a porcelain doll-like baby in a casket, about to be buried. While these photos are very powerful, I don't understand why they were shared with the general public.

In a post class confusion stupor, I began my walk back to the bus stop. My walk takes me through the campus quad, where many of the school's clubs and organizations set up booths to recruit people or sell food that could make you die at an early age. I've gotten really good at avoiding eye contact with the people that try to talk to you into selling your soul to a sorority. This day, I walked around the corner into the quad and there was a yelling Pentecostal preacher. He spoke about how all of us college students were going to hell and lived horrible lives. On top of the yelling, there was a swarm of Pentecostal ladies bombarding the students walking through with pamphlets. Pentecostal people are normally so nice, but I did not like this. Christians are supposed to be loving people. I like loving on people. Sometimes they start loving Jesus and you!

After I magically made it through the swarm of students fighting off Pentecostal pamphlets without receiving a pamphlet myself, I passed by some sort of planned parenthood booth. A girl yelled out, "FREE CONDOMS." Really, it was so loud that I had to type it in all caps. Glancing at their table, I saw the giant pile of condoms they had piled upon their table like those golden-wrapped chocolate coins one might get while trick-or-treating. After the condom girl yelled out her announcement, a frat boy walking behind me yelled, "I don't need condoms. *stupid frat boy laugh*" This exchange threw me off. I'm so not used to this college atmosphere and I live in a nice, cozy art school bubble. There's no yelling in the art school bubble.

I made it to the bus stop in one piece, but my usual bus driver was not there. So, I rode back to Ranger Danger on a different bus driver's bus and gave up on having a normal day. When I got home, I took a nap and dreamed of India Ink.

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  1. It's sometimes hard to hear Jesus' still small voice above the world's loud clamor. But when we do, what a comfort He gives. ~Mrs Laurel