21 December 2010

Confession #25

Did you know that not all European cathedrals and basilicas are the same?!
I didn't know this until they were drilled into my head by my Ancient to Medieval Art History class.

This is Notre Dame de Paris and she is a French Gothic cathedral. I've met her; she's very nice.

This is the Church of Saint Maclou and she is French Gothic Flamboyant (flam-boy-yahn).

Amiens Cathedral is the only one I've seen with red doors. She's a statement maker.

And Chartres Cathedral is the only one with a nice mint green roof. She and Amiens are bff.

The Cologne Cathedral was caught in a few fires, but she's okay.

I like Durham Cathedral because she has zig-zags on her columns and she's really old (1093AD).

If the Gloucester Cathedral were a person, she'd be a Gibson girl.
Every time I see a picture of the Bath Abbey I kick myself, because Mom and I totally took a picture from the outside, but never went in. We really missed out!

Aren't they pretty? I hope to visit all of them at one point or another.

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