15 December 2010


I had a busy, but pretty fun weekend.

 Watched Elf, my most favorite Christmas movie.
"I'm a human, raised by humans."

Went to my last 3D Design critique. It was on Saturday morning at 8am. They might be trying to kill me. This is Kaitlin trying out our friend Jason's final project.

I dragged Boyfriend to yet another art/craft fair. We got to see Lianne in her Lizzie Bee's booth! If you need a puppy or kitty collar, hit her up. She's legit.

I don't think Bf minded the fair so much after he saw the Cool Haus truck parked outside.

Went to my first UT volleyball game.

Went to the Hyde Park Baptist Church Christmas Choir concert. It was kind of sad this year, but the music was great as usual.

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