01 December 2010

How To: Holiday Party Hair

This is a version of "Victoria's Secret Hair." You know the hair- wavy, shiny and gorgeous hair they have in the magazines/ads/fashion show/everywhere? I really like that style, so here is my toned down and realistic version. My version also involves wearing clothes... This hair should work with most hair types. Mine is pretty curly/frizzy and it comes out smoothly

1. Blow dry hair until it's crazy. Crazy! 
2. Brush out hair and divide into sections.
3. Take about 1" sections and curl them with a curling iron. A 1" curling iron works best.
4. Curlcurlcurl all over your head. Curl hair framing your face away from your face for best results.
5. After you have curled to perfection, gently comb through curls with a wide-toothed comb. 


6. Mist with hairspray and revel in your curls!

1 comment:

  1. That is some gorgeous hair! May try it myself...

    Nice shirt BTW...