13 December 2010

My First UT Sporting Event

University of Texas vs. Purdue; 11 December 2010
On Saturday, I observed my first religious experience with a University of Texas sports team. Boyfriend brought me to a volleyball game against Purdue and it was great! Texas is big on sports, and the fans really get into the games. One day I'll go to a football game, but for now I'll stick with the volleyball games. They are a little less intense, but intense none the less.

The volleyball players themselves were awesome! I expected nothing less from a UT athletic team. Have you seen their football stadium?! It is huger than huge! But not as huge/completely ludacris as Jerry's House in Dallas. Silly. Back to volleyball. Those volleyball players and I are kindred spirits. They have those long ponytails and even longer legs. Hello! My legs might not be as athletic as theirs, but there is always room for improvement. But really people, those girls were tall. Like 6'4" tall.

While Boyfriend was judging the girls based on their volleyball playing skills, I judged them based on ponytail length and if they could keep their ever so tiny shorts from riding up to their nether regions. Ponytails are a big deal to me. I pride myself on growing good ponytails and regularly evaluate people based on their ponytails. How long is it? Is it well-kept? Does it seem happy? They say a lot about the heads they're attached to. A ponytail takes patience to grow. It takes love and tender, loving attention. Hair isn't going to be long and strong if you mistreat it. I think a lot of ponies are expressive of the person they are attached to. The head volleyball-lady-person-player seemed like a passionate individual. Her pony was long and romantically curly. Another player that had this awesome excited dance move had a quirky little braided pony. This one really intense player had a short, straight pony that shot straight up in an eruption of blonde. Based on ponytails, this volleyball team is pretty legit. They were good players of the game, too.

Have you ever watched a volleyball game? The team that is serving does this funny little pose while the server is doing her thing. It looks a little bit like the Charlie's Angels pose, but with arms going in different directions. Boyfriend says they are directing where the server could serve the ball to. I think they just like posing. Posing is fun!

Also at this game, there were people to watch. Boy were there people to watch. I think that everyone who has graduated from UT knows each other. First, this family of four sat down in front of Boyfriend and myself. They were three rows in front of us. Before we knew it, an entire group of that family's friends had filled up the three rows in front of us, the row we were sitting on, and the row behind us. All of them knew each other! All of them! During a break in the game, they found even more people they knew who were sitting in a lower area.

This lady that that family knew sat by me and I was none too thrilled about it. I don't like for people I don't know to touch me. Who knows where they have been! She was quite the character. She came clad in a navy polo from some volleyball league, white pants and a stretchy headband. White pants! When she was walking up the stairs to sit with her homies, I knew she was going to sit by me.

See, she was really chewing at her gum. You know those chewers. Mouth opened so far you wonder how the gum stays in, and you can hear them chewing from a mile away? I always find myself sitting by these people, and they really get on my nerves. It is very prudish of me, but I don't want to hear your chewing noises. So of course she sat by me. On top of the chewing of the gum, she wasn't afraid to invade my personal space. She was really into the game, and this required her to spread out into a sitting version of that "ready stance" that softball players use. One time she turned around to the people behind us to talk, and somehow managed to hit me. When the game was getting really good, she would totally lean over on me for a better view. So close I knew she was chewing Extra gum. Not cool, lady!

Other than that experience the fans were really fun to watch. Every time the cheerleaders would do a little dance, this guy would do the dance with them from the sidelines. Pretty funny.

Oh, and the game was really good!

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  1. haha I hear you on the ponytails. When I'm forced to watch anything sports-related with the boyfriend, I end up looking at hairstyles, uniforms, cheerleading dance routines - anything to capture my interest.