26 January 2011

Apartment Update!

Apartment kept me quite busy over the winter break. It was very demanding.
Make kitchen chair cushions!
Get some of that art hung up!
Put those collections and treasures in jars!
Paint that dresser!
Rearrange everything!
Put those dvds and cds in that dresser so you have more book space!
Vacuum for crying out loud!
Make the television a giant coaster! (So it doesn't scratch dresser.)
 Be proud of your own art!
Hang 'er up!
Put those quilts out!
You love quilts!
Make yourself a control center work area!
Make that bench a cushion!
Hang those curtains, girlfriend! 

I don't know why apartment wants to call me girlfriend.
Apartment was pretty cute to begin with, but now I think it's done.


  1. OMG - YOUR APARTMENT IS SO CUTE!! I love how colorful it is!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  2. A job well done! Now if we could just get you a TV that had a remote and didn't weigh 50 lbs... :)


  3. :O Did you actually do that in 3 days? It takes me that long to get the clean dishes out of the washer and the dirty dishes out of the sink.

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    HA- I wish I could say all of that took 3 days, but it took my whole school winter break to do this. So, about a month?

  5. that coffee table looks very familiar