28 April 2011

Confession #33

In high school, I took to wandering around the pasture that surrounds Mom and Dad's house. It's a pretty big one, so there were lots of treasures to find and different plants to learn about. I thoroughly enjoyed that pasture and still wander around it when I go home for a visit.

One time, I found a pair of charred scissors laying by the burning barrel and almost had a panic attack. "Burned scissors" doesn't sound that bad, but when the scissors look like your Mom's Gingher dressmaker's shears you would panic too. Those Gingher people know how to make a pair of scissors and make them up real nice. When I first came upon them, I thought their charred-ness was my bad. After much deliberation (a few days?), I decided to show Mom what I had done. Thank heavens they were not her scissors! Mom said they were probably one of our relatives' scissors, which had probably been out there for a few years. Now they reside on the wall in the laundry room, sheltered from further weathering!

But what I really want to tell you about is this glass jug I found one time. My BFF and I got out of school early one day, and for some reason decided to romp around the pasture. I saw something shiny in the bushes, and naturally, like a raccoon I went to see what it was. It was a half-buried 12" tall glass jug. The jug was a little dirty, but in perfect condition. There was a rock stuck in it for about 3 years, but Dad somehow figured out how to get it out! I think there was acid involved...

We weren't positive about what it was used for, but I just solved that mystery. It's a growler! How exciting of a name is that? A growler is, "64-ounce glass vessel[s] that look like a moonshine jug" according to this New York Times article. I'm not surprised at all that this jug was casually cast aside in the pasture, considering all of the hundreds of beer bottles/cans that magically appear in our ditch along the road by Mom and Dad's house. Now, it lives peacefully in my apartment by my collection of collections.

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