19 April 2011


What an exciting weekend! Here is what happened:

I went to San Antonio on Friday to see Sisterfriend. Somehow, she managed to keep it from me until I got there that she got engaged! I'm so excited. We set right away to wedding planning. She and her fiance, Russ, are getting married in September, so we only have five months to get everything together.
On Saturday, I went to work with Sisterfriend and got to shred things. That was fun. Then, we went fabric shopping. We are going to make all of the dresses in the wedding, and started by getting her dress fabric. The fabric looks nice in this picture, but it is gorgeous in person.

 She is really excited.
After we got her fabric, she took me to a horse farm that a friend works for, and I got to meet two foals. I also met their moms and some other horses, but the foals were the cutest. They made me miss horses. I haven't had the opportunity to ride in a really long time.
 I don't know where Boyfriend came from, but I like it a lot. Without any convincing, I got him to go with me to the Texas State Strutters' Spring Show! It was really good. Their dances weren't as hoochie-mama as I expected, which is always good. I also got to see two girls who I went to high school with preform. Yay!
 After the dancing was over, we went to Valentino's for some pizza. It was ridiculously good as usual.
On Sunday, I went to the evening service instead of the morning service. Afterwards, I joined Boyfriend in his exam grading festivities. He had to grade one math problem on this exam, but that one problem had several (12 or 15) points that had to be checked. Multiply that by how many exams there were, and you get why we never see each other. I'm really good at math.


  1. Wow! Congrats to your sister! I am trying to convince my mom to alter her wedding dress so I can wear it...

  2. Oh fun! Does this mean there will be nuptials in your future?