07 April 2011

Samantha French

I never seem to like all of the paintings in a painter's portfolio, but this painter (paintress?) is different. She's so great! Samantha French is a graduate of MCAD and currently works in New York. Here are a few pieces from her "Open Swim" grouping of paintings. I love the colors, style of brush stroke and each of the scenes. They are classic and modern at the same time. I think we can all think of a few memories from the scenes painted here.

Syncronized, Samantha French, 2010
Poolside Bathers, Samantha French, 2010
Samantha French, 2011
Looove this one:
Samantha French, 2011
Surfacing, Samantha French, 2011
Deep Dive, Samantha French, 2011

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